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CD, VCD, DVD Authoring and Website Design
CD, VCD and DVD Authoring:

CDs, VCDs and DVDs have become the number one choices for the delivery of video content, not
only for motion pictures and music videos, but for interactive training applications and
sales messages as well. We can graphically design, animate, film and interactively author your
project to meet your requirements. We offer 16:9 or 4:3 NTSC and foreign language subtitles
capabilities in format finishes from business card media to 3" to 5" CDs, VCDs and DVDs.

Website Design:

Our professionals design websites tailored directly to your audience. Our experience in online
design, coupled with our attention to detail and a commitment to client needs, are just a few
reasons why we are chosen over other companies. Whether you need a new site or your existng
one needs a face lift, contact us.

Best of Both Worlds:

The answer is convergence. Our leading edge techniques combine exceptionally rich video,
animation and audio content of CD, VCD, DVD
with the interactivity and immediacy of the Internet.
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